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#344734 - Before he could even finish what he was preparing to say he recieved another slap, this one seemed to be even more powerful than the first one and it hurt just as much, the first one he guess he deserved, the second one not so much, he knew she was going to do it again and this time was prepared, as soon as he saw her hand coming down towards his face he managed to duck, he got up off his bed before she had time to react to her miss and ran towards the door only to remember what she had done, she had locked it Celeste:- You mister are not going anywhere, get over here and tell me why the heck you would be so stupid as to self harm Jonah:- I'll pass, if i come over there you will slap me again and to be honest i don't need that, not even these cuts hurt half as much as them slaps Celeste:- Yeah well you deserve them for been such an idiot, can't believe you would do all this because of what you told me Jonah:- I'm sorry okay, maybe i was an id

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