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#363656 - The police took my statement and the rego of the car, they found the driver the next day, the boys father came to see me the following afternoon, he was quite well known in the area, and very wealthy, there was nothing he could do about the charges the police had laid, but he did not want the media circus to hound his family to hell, so he offered to cover all medical bills and give us $50. The nurses had worked out a program for me, I would wake up, they would feed me, then medicate me and I would sleep for about three to five hours, they would feed me again and medicate me again and I would sleep again, worked for me, no pain (well not much) unless they moved me, my wife on the other hand came to see me every chance she got, a by product of the damage was a permanent hard-on, it just stuck up in the air twenty four seven, she would close the door (and put a chair against it) climb aboard and work her way to climax three or four times a visit, I must say even with the little pain

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Akane kotonoha
That was amazing you need to do more hentais of peeing inside her pussy she seems to really love it
Billy the kid
I loved the sweet lady watching at the very end