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#2198 - He didn’t know what was wrong with him, why his body was responding like this… it felt so hot all of the sudden. She was right, he had been so eager to learn and show her that he was someone that could please her and yet here he was, pleasing her in a completely different way, it was humiliating. Closing his eyes to try to steady himself, he brings a hand up to his chest and takes a deep breath, only now realizing that there wasn’t any more talking coming from the crowd, which caused him to open up his eyes just as the elder reached into the bin and pulled out a slip with a single name written on it.

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Ark royal
I learnt quite a lot from this
Kyouka hikawa
So good nice outfit
Eponine thenardier
Cory could you ask luke to pick some megamillions numbers for me lord knows he is a lucky man thanks guys