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#100668 - Matt opened his eyes again and was shocked to see Polly’s hand furiously rubbing her clit in small circles, her other hand kneading her breast. Lying flat on his back he looked up to see Polly standing over him, and she was not happy “what the fuck do you think you’re doing” He noticed that in her anger she had still not covered herself up and his eyes wandered down to stare at the tits that had been taunting him since the start of high school “Oi, my face is up here and if you dare look at my tits or cunt I’ll rip that tiny cock of yours off now, what the fuck are you do. This was bad, Matt was exposed, girls were running over from the shower to see to reason for Amy’s scream, and all he could do was watch the drips of water slowly rolling down her curvaceous naked body, a bead of water fell from her long black hair, landing on her sumptuous breast and following the perfect natural curve past her small pink nipples before rejoining her stomach and heading further south towards

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