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#279887 - ” I’m panting Orgasmic energy Radiating… “Ready or not slut doll, Daddy’s gona fill your beautiful little ass up with cum. Do you love me to?” He’s inside me all the way In my tight forbidden places I feel the pressure Inside me All around me… Love is war Pain is pleasure Infinite pleasure Imaginary, shit! Its so fucking surreal… “Yes, I love you Daddy!” Thrown down Face plant On the bed Vicious, vicious grip Holding me No complaints Deep, hard, fast, unrelenting pounding Violating my tiny ass Violently It hurts But I love it Fucking love it Screaming You’re screaming “Tell me how much you love it when I fuck you in your ass dolly! Fucking tell me!” Heart racing Thinking it might beat out of my chest Smack! Smack! Smack! Across my ass, in my ass “I fucking love it when you fuck me in my ass Daddy! I fucking love it!” I scream in between breathing “Play with your clit my little fuck toy dolly, I want to feel your ass org

Read Brasileira [Andrew&活火山]Queen Bee(傀儡、惡女的雙重生活、淫房東俏女兒) EP.1(正體中文)高畫質版本 Solo Female Queen BeeEP.1高畫質版本

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