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#207185 - I met a girl there she was older than me she was 20yrs old I was still under eighteen she never knew my age I was now 5ft-10in tall my cock nearly nine it never grew again but got a little rounder wavy blond hair blue eyes well muscled as I did a lot of sports and gym work when I could then in she walked a Scottish Marilyn Munro a perfect figure long blond wavy hair her breasts looked wonderful grey eyes long beautiful legs dressed well but when she spoke it was like foghorn leghorn from Scotland when she spoke loudly normally she spoke very quite as she knew what she sounded like but when she forgot she sounded like a Scottish fisher woman selling herring . M. A little later both of them got up but didn’t dress and walked around nude Joan had pedigree cats she used to breed and she was feeding them Margo cooked a meal in her flat I got out of bed don’t put any clothes on they said we like you like that the way it hangs down when its soft .

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