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#310163 - We get into a good rhythm and in no time she is coming for the second time soon both my friend and I are joining her as we all are moaning, grunting and breathing hard we get a well deserved rest for a few minutes and just lay there me on top of Toni and my friend collapsed next to her. Finally Toni takes the blind fold off she sees the camera and know I recorded everything asks when can she see it I tell her soon but right now I want to fuck my come covered and filled wife so get over here and ride me like you did him and sit on my face and drip that come on me afterwards. She was so wet that she slid down on his fat cock with ease he has tweaking her nipples and rubbing her all over both were moaning and groaning and soon came.

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Lol coomed so hard thx
What a perfect ass you two are gorgeous