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#77391 - She really was a cummer her arse was bucking up lewdly, her large tits jiggled , still in her bra, her cunt muscles were in involuntary spasm on my meat , she was not in anyway in control , quite delirious sweating profusely head lolling from side to side eyes wide and gasping for air. 'Aint he wonderfull jules? we need to have that massive cock again don't you think Jules my cunts still throbbing from earlier and the spunks still oozing down my leg , Daves a real man, always fancied you, wish this had happened much o so much sooner, maybe if I had known he had such big hidden talents tucked away in those shorts I would have jumped on him sooner . I had only ever had 1 girl at a time and now I had 2 very attractive voluptous shapely ladies loving me and my cock.

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Anna mochizuki
Mmm so hot
Igawa sakura
Me prendo fuego la senti en mi boca