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#235531 - out conversation moved over to women and he asked me so what do think of marie? i paused for a second and in my mind said shit, shit i need to say something so he doesnt get pissed so i said to him um marie isnt my type that snaped something in his underdeveloped mind and he graped me by the collor and slammed me against the pallets of pepsi bottles dont you ever dare talk about marie in that way again i just looked back afraid to say anthing back you know what ive had enough of your bullshit, just get the fuck out of my sight. i would describe my looks as average and i dress in jeans and a bright coloured polo shirt marie h she is 20 years old, i would guess she is 5'8, she has hazel colour eyes and dusty blonde shoulder length hair and she has the most inoscent face, you look at here and you would bet your right arm that she has done nothing wrong ever. i undid the top two buttons and pulled that over her head too marie reached back and unclasped

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