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#312832 - The other guy is watching and stroking his cock to the action and Toni calls him over and starts to suck him too soon the first guys is moaning and he comes in her pussy too spent he rolls of and the other guy just jump in and pulls her legs p and starts fucking her for all he is worth telling her how hot she is and how good her pussy feels ,she starts talking dirty saying things like fuck me fill me with you sperm fuck this slut how bad do you want it fuck me ,then out of the blue she screams I coming come with n=me you bastard I am coming and then they both explode! They lay there for a while then he looks at the clock says we got to go we are going to miss our plane They tell Toni she can stay and clean up just lock the door when she leaves ,then they get up get dressed and are gone in five minutes. .

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Woww trop bonne brittany
Mitsuki sanada
I am so happy that you like my voice honey you are so sweet i have hentais speaking english here but i will do more in the future s2
Oh and thanks for multiple orgasms showed your vid to my other half and she loved the size of that strapon