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#348063 - Pam replied softly “Nooo, he was just real friendly…” Rhonda then said she had to get back and go to town and Pam replied maybe I will see you next time and they said goodbye to each other with smiles on both faces. As the Land rover nosed up even further on a particular bad bump, Rhonda firmly and unmistakably felt Linda’s fingers slide between her wet, slick swollen labial folds…stopping just at her vaginal entrance… until another jostle and she felt a finger partially slip in and stay there… A quick glance at Linda and Shannon showed wide grins as she returned one with her own, a quick glance down into Linda’s lap showed her robe openly parted at the juncture of her thighs exposing her bare hairless pussy that had Shannon’s hand firmly pressed against it, two fingers dipping in and out…remarkably, despite the rough trail, Rhonda was able to move her legs slightly further apart as she alternated working the brake and accelerator with both feet - also coincidently facilita

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