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#286881 - As I entered the sheet I was dragging behind me caught in the door! The clerk a pierced tattooed purple haired young woman about my age, hollered out to someone in the back hall way, where the arcade and buddy booths were located that the slave slut they were expecting was here and to come and get me? Apparently it was some sort of kinky naked sex play and apparently a normal thing on a busy week end this late at night and it was just assumed that I, was part of it! I panicked and tried to protest as another young woman also tattooed and pierced that looked like a lesbian came from the back, grabbed my hands and pulled me towards the back room, as she did the sheet still caught in the door easily pulled off of me leaving me totally naked in front of a large group of horny customers! The thrill of being naked wearing only a slave collar was incredible, something I had never considered. Thank you, but can barely say the words as I try to

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