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#231874 - Sherman continued on, she tells me that you have a very, very large erection and that it has become the focal point of her whole life!!! Now turning three shades of red, Steve replied softly, I-I don't know about that, ma'am, but I do try to make her feel good when we're together!!! I'm glad of that, Mrs. Sherman responded, and for that reason, I want to ask you a favor!!! Anything, Steve replied quickly, just happy that the tone of the conversation had turned in his favor, what is it!?! Well, she explained, since Pamela is so inexperienced with men, I feel that I must check to make sure that what she has told me about your penis is true!!! Ma'am, he questioned, not sure exactly what she was driving at?!? Now the exasperation returned to her voice and she said, Now, don't get dense on me again, Steve, get over here and drop your pants so that I can see for myself this fabulous erection my daughter has regaled me about!!! Holy smokes,

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